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  • Country
  • Experimental series
  • Experiment no. (within series)
  • Identification no. (unique within each country)
  • Priority
  • Local name
  • Altitude
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • County
  • Forest district
  • Municipality
  • Start of experiment
  • Stand establishment
  • Research organisation
  • Responsible institution
  • Responsible department
  • Experimental area (ha)
  • Tree species (in Latin)
  • Number of treatments
  • Number of replicates
  • Number of plots
  • Last measurement
  • Subject field
  • Objectives
  • Keywords (research activities)

Experimental series: An experimental series consist of two or more experiments that are studied within and designed for the same purpose. So-called multi-site experiments are located on different sites, which together represent the statistical replicate.

Field experiment: Generally, a field experiment or a trial that is conducted outdoor to test or examine specific scientific hypotheses (in contrast to laboratory experiment, forest engineering and work science studies). Forest field experiments are performed on-site in a defined area to study the biological response to different treatments, to different units - or combined. The scale can vary from forest ecosystems, larger forest areas, forest stands, trees or tree components. The duration of field experiments varies depending on forest type and research objective. Long-term experiments often comprise the entire rotation or a considerable part of the life span of trees.